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Santhoshi's Kitchen Cooking Class

Santhoshi's Kitchen Cooking Class

Hey friends! This post is all about my cooking class experience with ‘Santhoshi’s Kitchen’. Let me start by saying, if you are a fan of Indian food and enjoy cooking, or would like to learn more about cooking authentic Indian dishes, I highly recommend you go see my girl Santhoshi! Even if you are looking for a new and fun idea for a girls night out or a gift for a family member- this was such an excellent experience I suggest everyone check out! Santhoshi's Kitchen is based out of her home in Fort Mill, SC right near the Tega Cay subdivision which is easily accessible for people living in the greater Charlotte, Lake Wylie or Rock Hill areas. Santhoshi offers authentic Indian cooking classes which run around 3 hours, during which you will hands-on learn how to create a starter, main course and dessert of your choosing. Prior to your cooking class Santhoshi asks you to choose items off of her menu that you would specifically like to learn how to prepare. I am a control freak and a weenie when it comes to spicy food, so I absolutely loved the option to gear it more toward my personal taste preferences!

A little more information about my new sweet friend and the lady who will be guiding you in your cooking class (from her personal website www.Santhoshi-kitchen.com):

“My name is Santhoshi, I am a passionate cook! I have been cooking Indian food for the past 15 years. Since I was a little girl I was very fascinated by cooking. I love to share my knowledge in Indian cooking with my friends. That's how I started teaching Indian cooking classes. One day I invited my friend (who loves Indian food) to my house for lunch. I taught her how to make Roti and Chicken korma. She absolutely loved the learning experience and I truly enjoyed teaching her about my Culture and Cuisine. So I started inviting friends over to my house and taught them Indian cooking. During the class I also talk about my childhood in India and Indian culture. Everyone found it very fascinating! Gradually people started to hear about my classes through friends and neighbors. I have been teaching Indian cooking classes for over three years now. I cherish all the wonderful memories and looking forward to make many more memories in my Indian cooking class journey!”

What to expect from her private Indian cooking class:

  • The duration of the class is 3 hours.

  • You will learn to make a starter, a main course and a dessert. 

  • By the end of the class we will sit down and dine on the delicious food we prepared. 

  • You will receive a  complimentary “To-go” spice bag to recreate the dishes at your home. 

  • If you like you can bring wine for you to enjoy while cooking.

  • $65/person

    At Santhoshi's Kitchen you can plan a wide range of special events such as team-building activities, Birthday parties, couples private cooking class, get-togethers with your friends or a family-fun activity etc…

From the moment I arrived to Santhoshi’s home for our one-on-one cooking class I felt so warm and welcome. We immediately hit it off and by the end of the day we worked around each other in the kitchen with a sense of ease like we’d known each other for years. I cannot get over how flavorful everything that we prepared ended up tasting. I have never cooked such authentic cuisine on my own before and what blew my mind was how simple these dished were to prepare, having only 4-5 ingredients. It really is all about the special spices used to create Indian cuisine, which I now have in my very own pantry, thanks to the awesome “to-go spice kit” that Santhoshi provides! Santhoshi also gifted me with a jar of her ‘Tomato Chutney’ (Thakkali Thokku) which is actually being sold by some of my favorite fine-food shops in Charlotte, ‘Reid’s Fine Foods’ and ‘The Peach Stand’! This is a recipe that Santhoshi’s mom makes that she wanted to be able to share with others in our community. I am nearly out of my jar as I have been putting it on EVERYTHING!


Santhoshi’s Savory Tomato Chutney, sold at Reid’s Fine Foods & The Peach Stand

Now for the good stuff! During my cooking class Santhoshi and I prepared: Chapathi which is a 4-ingredient flat wheat bread that you can stuff with various spices, cheese or potato which is dubbed more specifically, Paratha; Chicken Tikka Masala which has always been my favorite Indian dish; Aloo Chana Chaat which reminds me of a very unique and much tastier version of a potato salad; and last but not least we made Payasam for dessert which I was very weary about (until I tasted it). Scroll down for photos from our cooking class…

The dish we started with below is ‘Aloo Chana Chaat’, consisting of boiled gold Yukon potatoes, garbanzo beans, onion, cilantro, mint, roasted cumin seeds and topped with a tamarind chutney. Santhoshi taught me how to roast the whole cumin seeds and then grind with a mortar & pestle which created the most robust cumin spice I’ve ever had! Now I feel like I’ve been cooking with cumin wrong my entire life, haha!

Next, we prepared Chicken Tikka Masala, which required preparing the chicken tikka and the masala sauce separately. The chicken was mixed with the various spices, yogurt, onions and peppers and baked in the oven while the sauce was prepared. Once the chicken was broiled lightly, it was combined with the masala sauce which was was prepared with onions, tomatoes. garlic-ginger paste (YUM) and a barrage of spices. At the very last minute we added in heavy whipping cream to complete this flavorful sauce!

One of the most fun parts of this class was making the ‘Chapathi’ which I think that I will incorporate frequently in my home-cooking! Chapathi is a 4-ingredient flat-wheat bread that takes virtually no effort to create. BUH-BYE store bought tortillas, I’m making Chapathi from now on! We added mashed ‘Aloo Chana Chaat’ to the inside of some of our chapathi which is then called Paratha. For other pieces, we added a triple-pepperjack cheddar for a little twist on cheese-bread which was to die for!

For dessert we prepared ‘Payasam’ which I was probably the most weary about. Prior to this class I had never had any Indian dessert and after reading the descripton I was unsure how vermicelli mixed with raisins and milk would taste but I was certainly in for a TREAT! I think I ate my leftovers of this dish before I even made it back to my house, it was that tasty! Best part was watching the raisins sautéing in ghee turning into little grapes! The cardamom and saffron really brought this dish to completion.

I truly cannot speak highly enough about this experience. I am already gathering group of girls to attend another one as soon as I can get the details worked out! To schedule your very own private or group cooking-class, I have included Santhoshi’s contact information:

Santhoshi Radhakrishnan of Santhoshi’s Kitchen

Website: http://santhoshi-kitchen.com

Email: santhoshi.kitchen@gmail.com

Phone - 704-778-5838

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