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Homemade "Stuffed" Dark-Chocolate Cups

Homemade "Stuffed" Dark-Chocolate Cups

Where to start? I can't even with these, y'all. They're just TOO perfect! 


These are one of those "go-to" recipes I like to make whenever I am preparing for a week where I want to stay on track with my macros. When I am being "good" with my meals though (90% of the time), I will notoriously have the biggest late-nigh, post-dinner sweet-tooth cravings. I know myself well enough to know that if I don't plan ahead and have a "healthy" sweet treat on hand I will end up A) saying F it and pouring a gigantic bowl of cereal, B) sneaking a pint of Halo-Top to the couch or C) baking cookies or brownies & eating an absurd amount of them when I promised myself juuuuuuuuust one. 

These are so rich and satisfying that I can eat just 1/2 of a cup and I'm golden. See ya' -wouldn't wanna be ya', sweet tooth!! 

I decided to try my hand at making these babies after seeing a few posts on instagram about how easy they were to make, which was about the same time I made an *accidental* discovery of homemade "Magic-Shell"! I got some pretty amazing adaptogenic coconut oil sent to me by this awesome company out of Hawaii, 'Laka Living', and decided to melt it down with some bits of a dark chocolate bar. I proceeded to pour this on a frozen banana and BAM! Clean ingredient magic-shell. A total game changer.

I made these while my mother-in-law was visiting and she loves to cook without regard for measurements, which always seems to work in her favor, so I didn't really follow a specific recipe for these (sorry about it Type-A friends!)...  We basically just double-boiled some Green & Black Organic 70% Cocoa & Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bars, mixed in some coconut oil (any coconut oil of choice will work) and came up with some fun stuffing ideas! For this trial I did the following cups: Raspberry Chia, Raspberry Chia & Almond butter (my take on a PB&J), Avocado Matcha Coconut and Sunflower Butter & Bee Pollen! All recipes for the stuffing specifics are pictured & detailed below in caption... 

Raspberry Chia Jam: Mash Fresh organic raspberries with chia until you get the consistency of a thick jam or jelly

Avocado Matcha Coconut: Mash avocado with a dash of vanilla bean powder or vanilla extract, matcha powder to taste & unsweetened shredded coconut flakes until you reach a flavor you like (obviously, if you'd like you can omit the coconut or matcha)

Sunflower Butter & Bee Pollen: You could use any nut butter you'd like but I REALLY liked this combo!

***FUNNY STORY/CONFESSION CORNER/NOTIFICATION ABOUT POTENTIAL HEALTH HAZARD: this was only my 2nd time using bee pollen in a recipe and I admittedly did NOT do my research. Apparently, if you are sensitive to pollen in general you should try a piece or two at first to test for allergic reaction. I didn't do this the first time I used it in an Acai bowl, but with these- not sure if it is because I added some to the tops & they touched my lips when I bit into them- but they caused my lip to swell slightly and my tongue/throat to become tingly and itchy. I used a good bit of bee pollen in these, so that could be why I had a reaction this time and not with my smoothie bowl but I kind of don't care to tempt fate again... next time I will probably just do plain ole' delicious sunflower butter!***


These little silicone muffin cups are pretty much the best gift I ever received and made the whole process so much easier! My mom found these at Wal-Mart of all places over Christmas and I use them SO often! I have also seen people use plain old paper muffin cups sprayed with coconut oil but I have not tried that method personally (I imagine the melted chocolate may get messy with those)... 

  1. Double-boil your chocolate & coconut oil (I typically use 1/2- 1 tsp of oil per half chocolate bar); I usually use a large sauce pan with 2 inches of water in the bottom and a large enough metal mixing bowl that will sit on top/not fall into the sauce pan as my makeshift double boiler. The steam from boiling the water melts the contents in the bowl!

  2. Lay out your silicone muffin cups on a baking sheet (or cutting board), spoon a 1/4" layer in the bottom of each cup and transfer the tray to the freezer for 5 mintues

  3. Once hardened in freezer, spoon a small amount of your "stuffings" into the middle of each cup and press flat but not to the edges of the muffin cups so that your chocolate topper can "encase" your stuffing completely

  4. Top with about 1/2" melted chocolate, sprinkle toppings of choice on top and return to freezer for about 15 minutes

  5. Once they have "set" pop them out of the molds, transfer to a ziploc bag or sealable Tupperware and keep refrigerated for up to 7 days!

The options with these guys are truly endless! I hope you will give them a go & please let me know if you do and if you come up with any fun combinations! I tried to make them recently in some mini-chocolate cup molds I found on amazon for more "bite-sized" portions and although they turned out equally as delicious they were much messier (the stuffings all seeped out the middles) and difficult to assemble! 

Thanks for reading y'all!


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