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New Years Resolution: Stay HYDRATED + {drink d.stil}

New Years Resolution: Stay HYDRATED + {drink d.stil}

Water. H2O. Agua

wa·ter, wôdər,ˈwädər

Whatever the terminology, whatever the pronunciation, we all know this stuff is vital to our survival. Not only do we need to consume water to survive but it is equally important for our bodies to thrive. Your body consists of roughly 70% of water and throughout a normal day you lose portions of that water via sweating, urination and even breathing that needs constant replacement. Water is necessary for our bodies to function properly. All of our cells and organs require water to operate. In addition, water is used to lubricate the joints, protect the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, regulate body temperature, and assist our intestines for proper digestion of foods. 

I am currently nearing the end of a 16-week program working with an online fitness/wellness coach who focuses on macro tracking [[www.MadisonHenlinefitness.com]]. Madison requested that I try to consume 100+ ounces of water a day. When I first read that I was pretty skeptical about my ability to stick with that amount, and I'm not gonna lie- it was hard WORK! Mind you- I am not a soda/juice drinker, but on an average day B.M. - "before Madison", I usually only drank coffee until noon and maybe 40-50 ounces of water throughout the rest of my day. So starting off, not only trying to remember to keep drinking water throughout every hour of the day, but the constant need to go to the bathroom was obnoxious (I also have the smallest bladder of anyone I know). Most days I averaged about 80-100 oz of water during this time period, and not only did it get easier but it became a second nature to always have my water nearby.

After the first few weeks I could tell a huge difference in my body, mood and overall well-being.  On the days where I was slow to start drinking water or the days where I did not reach at lest 80 ounces, I could tell I was off. When I stuck to my 100 oz, I was more energized and focused, had less joint pain and stiffness and most surprisingly saw amazing changes in my skin and hair (less fine lines/wrinkles, more glow // increased strength and shine)! My sleep cycles improved and I never once woke up reaching for water in the middle of the night. Another thing I noticed was that I was not getting sick as often. I work with kids and in prior Fall/Winter-seasons I pretty much kept a mild cold but my immunity seemed boosted as well!  This is why my I made my 'New Years Resolution' to continue drinking as much water as possible every day- aiming at 80-100 ounces/day. Now, let me tell you about how I made my water-routine even more exciting: 

[ drink d.stil ]

Bottle style in order:   Poptop Thermal Stainless Steel in Matte Black/Petal Pink; Straw Top Stainless Steel in Powdered Sky; Pinch & Carry Tritan Plastic; Pinch & Carry Stainless Steel in Cool Grey/Matte Black

Bottle style in order: Poptop Thermal Stainless Steel in Matte Black/Petal Pink; Straw Top Stainless Steel in Powdered Sky; Pinch & Carry Tritan Plastic; Pinch & Carry Stainless Steel in Cool Grey/Matte Black

When I decided to really commit to this daily routine of drinking water I knew I needed to find some fashionable, functional, "grab & go" water bottles. I knew I wanted something that had a easy sipping-method that still closed completely- because I am notorious from knocking drinks over or spilling them all over myself. After perusing the Insta-world for a bit I came across 'd.stil' water bottle company. I was initially attracted to the aesthetics of their bottles and how every style of their bottles were spill/leak-proof. Their colors and variety of top options were perfect for what I was looking for. I reached out to the company and they were more than happy to collaborate with me and send me a few bottles to review! A few water containers I tried prior to d.stil are: Yeti, Ozark Trail & Mossy Oak (Yeti knock-offs), Bkr, Swell and Nalgene. I can honestly say NONE of these brands worked for my needs. Either the lids did not have a closure option, they closed and were too difficult to open, the mouths were too narrow to add ice or they were difficult to carry. I experienced none of these issues with ANY of the 3 styles of d.stil water bottles I own. I also love the durability of these versus any glass bottles I have owned, and the ease of cleaning them! Check them out: 

I want to take a second to mention that the 'Poptop Thermal in matte black/petal pink {pictured above in the top right corner and below is how it operates} is my new favorite coffee thermos! I use the other three bottles primarily for water but I really love the design of this one for hot drinks! It is an insulated stainless steel which keeps my coffee warm for hours, the lid stays completely sealed when turned over and the method for sipping is so fun! You unlock it, push down on the "lever" and it opens the lid seal for sipping! 

The 'Pinch & Carry' is perfect for on-the-go hands free carrying as the top handle can easily be wrapped around a wrist or held by hand. The top easily unseals when the side buttons are pinched. This is my favorite new gym and yoga specific water bottle! The straw top bottle is my favorite for throughout the day sipping because personally I find myself drinking in larger amounts when I have a straw! My momma would say, "Straws give you wrinkles"- but all I've got to say is NOT if you're staying HYDRATED :) :) 

You can buy D.Stil at www.drinkdstil.com HERE.

Oh and did I mention you get free shipping on every order!? AND THE HAIR TIES THEY INCLUDE WITH THEIR TAG (so cute)! I leave my ties on my bottles and have yet to find myself without one! GO. NOW!

Now- Let's recap the beautiful benefits for "WHY?" you should DRINK MORE WATER: 

1. It can Increase Your Energy and Reduce that Tired Feeling

2. It can Help You Lose Weight

3. It will Flush out the Toxins

4. Improves Your Skin Complexion

5. Maintains Digestive Regularity

6. Boosts Your Immune System.

7. It is a Natural Headache Remedy

8. Prevents Cramps and Sprains

9. Puts You in a Good Mood

10. It can Save You Money!

"HOW?", you ask? Create a water routine!!

  1. Find a great re-usable water bottle, or several to fill up and pack with you (i.e.- d.stil
  2. Set reminders on your phone, watch or calendar to drink a 8-10 ounces every hour
  3. Keep your water bottle nearby, in your line of sight as a constant reminder 
  4. Make sure you stay near a restroom ;) 

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you'll take my advice and try your own hand at increasing your water intake so you can reap from all of these great body benefits as well! 

Thank you to my friends over at D.Stil for the bottles!
(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own)


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